In an effort to preserve the sensitive environment of Koh Tao and the Gulf of Thailand, we at Koh Tao Cabana would like to provide you an opportunity to help us with these conservation initiatives:

  • Every drop of water is precious; please do not waste the water or electricity.

  • Keep our beach clean, by picking up and dropping litter in the trash.

  • Do not light fires around the resort area.

  • Koh Tao Cabana is a DRUG AND VIOLENCE FREE area. Any kind of drug, firearm. or illegal object is not welcome at our resort.

  • Do not disturb the peacefulness of nature or your neighbors by making any loud noise especially from stereo speakers.

  • Do not move any furniture. Otherwise, guests will be held responsible for any damage to the villa's structure or interior during their stay.

For Your Comfort & Security

  • For your protection and convenience, we provide a personal deposit box in your villa. We strongly advise that you put all valuables, passport. and cash inside your safe. The Resort cannot be held responsible for losses or damages to the property of its guests.

  • When you do not wish to be disturbed, simply hang the sleepy face sign on the door and lock your door. Also there is a safety latch to prevent entry to your villa.

  • We recommend that you keep your doors and windows closed at all times to prevent mosquitoes, especially during dawn and dusk.

  • Deposit your room key. You are welcome to keep the villa key with you until departure. For your convenience you can deposit and pick up your villa key at the front desk during office hours (8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.). Please don't forget to return it to the front desk. Loss of your villa key will cost 500 Baht for replacement.

     We appreciate your cooperation



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